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The Most Beautiful Secret Places on Earth

Today Home and Decoration presents you The Most Beautiful Secret Places on Earth. For travel and history buffs, the “wonders of the world” have always been a source of bucket lists. How many wonders of the world will they be able to see in their lifetime? Will they be able to add one to their checklist every year? The “wonders” lists have evolved and branched out to different categories. There’s the list on the wonders of the ancient world. Then there are the wonders of the modern world, and as of late, the wonders of the natural world.

Given the beauty of our world, there are still so many other places that have not been discovered or given the distinction of being considered a wonder of the world. Many have not made the list, but are wonders in their own right and definitely worth visiting. So in no particular order, here are some wonders that should make the list! And even if they never do, they’re still worth visiting!


1. Enchanted Well at Chapada Diamantina National Park, BrazilToday Home and Decoration presents you The Most Beautiful Secret Places on Earth.The Poco Encantado or Enchanted Well in Brazil is actually not a well, though who knows if it’s really enchanted or not? The well is a giant sunken pool that’s more than a hundred feet deep and startlingly clear. It’s so transparent, that you can see the rocks and tree trunks that lie at the bottommost portion of the pool.

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