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The Most Underrated but Beautiful Cities in the World

Today Home and Decoration presents you the most underrated but beautiful cities in the world. When it comes to bucket lists, traveling usually hovers in the upper third of any given agenda. Forbes recently listed ‘Gone on more trips with family/friends’ as one of their ‘25 Biggest Regrets In Life’ – fact is, these trips are truly the things that memories are made of, and their value eclipses the worth of any material goods one might own. Utilizing your finite time and resources to create lasting memories is one of the most valuable things one could ever do, and it appears that there’s quite the consensus that moving around this giant floating organic spaceship is key to achieving that.

As humans, we’re a part of the very fiber of this planet so it’s only natural that we have such a strong urge to see as much of it as we possibly can. Now due to colonial ties, physical distance and corporate relationships with airlines, resorts and travel agents, depending on where you’re located, you’re likely to be predisposed to visiting the same spots over and over.

9. Perth, Australiathe most underrated but beautiful cities in the worldWestern Australia takes up almost half the country – though most of the state is outback (read: desert) and natural resource mines. The capital of WA is Perth, a quiet major city sitting on the Swan River and super close to the Indian Ocean. Due to distance, most folks visiting Down Under would only bother to hit up the east coast, as all the major cities and landmarks you’ve seen your whole life are located out there.

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