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The Secrets of HPMK


*Written by: Tiago Martins

Only to insiders and veterans know this tricks! Every great institution has its secrets, those unpublished, rarely mentioned, sometimes denied ins-and-outs that separate the truly cool from the uninitiated. Like the peanut butter and bacon burger at Shake Shack or the hidden bunker at the Greenbrier, only those in the know have access. High Point Market is no different. Now, a few cognoscenti, whose names have been withheld for obvious reasons, agreed to give us the 411.The Secrets of HPMKThe Secret Passageway!! Foul weather will undoubtedly rain on your Market parade some day. That’s the day you’ll be glad you know about the secret passageway that links the big IHFC building at the Transportation Terminal to the Market Square, Commerce & Design, and 220 Elm buildings, three blocks away. This little-known byway can be a bit tricky to navigate, but it’s a lifesaver (hair saver, shoe saver) when the weather gets a little wet.The Secrets of HPMKThe Secrets of HPMKExit the IHFC Commerce Wing next to the Interhall café, and stay under the covered walkway as you cross Wrenn Street. Enter IHFC Main, and proceed through the building to exit to the Main Street exit (stand underneath the awning until traffic clears). Open your umbrella and dash across Main Street just as soon as the traffic control officer gives you the go-ahead. You have just completed the only wet part of the trip. Enter the Furniture Plaza building, walk past the American Furniture Hall of Fame wall, go up the escalator, and turn left. You’ll see a sign above the hallway that reads “Skywalk to C&D Building, Suites at Market Square, Historic Market Square.” Follow that sign.The Secrets of HPMK

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