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Tips to light up your home

Today we present you Tips to light up your home.

Owing to the increasing number of flats and high rises especially in the urban areas, natural light is almost outdated. This has led not only to more darkened hallways and kitchens but also to the ever-growing electricity bills. While artificial light can be a solution, it is not the same thing as the first rays streaming through the open windows warming up your entire day. We share with you some tips what you can do to make your home look brighter and more beautiful.

Pay attention to what you have

Take a good look around your place and establish exactly where the main sources of natural light are. Once you have figured that out, use it to your advantage. Avoid cluttering up those few places and plan accordingly.

Raise the curtains

If you have a dearth of sunlight brightening up your day already, it would be advisable to avoid picking up heavy or ornate. Look for thin, flimsy material that will allow ample passage of light. Dark colors tend to absorb light and that is the last thing you need. Organza or synthetic ones work best and come with pretty embroideries giving them the perfect petite look.

Be smart, improvise

The trick is to make the best of what you have got. Simply whining away won’t help. So when you have just one set of inlet in your room, play the other cards right. Chose light colors for the walls. Incorporate mirrors and shiny surfaces in the decor. These reflect light and give a sense of increased area making your room appear bigger than it actually is. If you have blinds on your windows, tie them as far up as possible.

Light it up!

There is no going around the fact that nothing beats natural light. You need back up for those unpleasant, cloudy days when even the sun plays spoilsport. Invest in a good lighting system for your home.

Take a look at some amazing lighting!

Get lamp shades in neutral tones, floor lamps or wall ones. Strategic placement is necessary and you would probably need the help of a professional here, but in the end, the results would be worth it.

So, live up the gloomy ambiance of a home full of brightness and light up your home!

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