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Top 10 Places to See Before You Die


Life is short, and we show you the Top 10 Places to See Before You Die. Too much of life is spent grinding through monotonous daily obligations, and too little time is spent on things that count like family, friends, and making valuable memories. As esteemed author and businessman Harvey Mackay put it: “Life is too short to wake up with regrets… If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it.”

What better way to make the most of life then travel? The world’s wonders are too vast to see everything in one lifetime, but if you are looking to spice things up and see some of earth’s finest landmarks, you can start by knocking a couple off this list. Spanning the globe from Italy to Oregon, these Top 10 Places to See Before You Die will slow your heart-rate, reduce your stress, and most importantly, put a smile on your face.


10. Rio De Janeiro, BrazilTop 10 Places to See Before You DieQuite possibly the most beautiful metropolis in the world, Rio De Janeiro intertwines the beauty of the natural world with the tempo of an urban metropolis, housing more than 6.3 million people. If you plan on visiting this beautiful location, make sure to time your stay with Rio’s annual Carnival, the world famous festival that drapes the city with lights, music, dancing and joy.

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