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With Thanksgiving almost there, Home and Decoration has search for the TOP 10 things for you, as a guest, to bring to Thanksgiving.


1. Booze

booze for Thanksgiving


Bring a booze on Thanksgiving, is ever a good idea. You can find out who drinks and find out which person’s favorite “poison” is.

If you are not sure of people’s preferences, bring a couple six-packs of holiday ale or pumpkin beer and nice bottles of white and red wine (we suggest: Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc as being Thanksgiving classics).

Sauvignon Blanc for Thanksgiving

Pinot noir for Thanksgiving

Try to surprise people at your choice!

Seasonal wine charms


2.Camara/ Video camara

Camera for Thanksgiving

Everyone likes their special moments documented, and bring a camera / video on  Thanksgiving day, is one of the things that you can’t miss. Get more photos for share them later with your family.

camera photos for Thanksgiving

If you’re video-inclined, maybe try to capture some images and create a home video to share with your loved ones.

Don’t forget, if something funny happens on a video, share on youtube.

Families love to pretend they’re on America’s Funniest Home Videos.



games for Thanksgiving

Board games, are great ways to avoid conversation and a way to fill the time with your family.

games to play on this Thanksgiving

games to play on this Thanksgiving

Everyone likes to win, but  be sure to keep the stakes friendly and let her dad win. 




A dvd movie, is also an option for those who like the 7th art, and a great option for Thanksgiving day.

Since we are on the day of thanksgiving, choose a movie with that theme, or a movie that pleases your entire family.


5.Seasonal wine charms

wine charms

There’s nothing more embarrassing than great-grandma Shirley screaming at you because you accidentally gulped Merlot from her glass. Bring Thanksgiving-themed wine charms and save everyone some awkward moments

wine charms

wine charms for thanksgiving


6.Fall bouquet

Fall bouquet for Thanksgiving

Bring a nice bouquet that won’t outshine her arrangement. It can be placed on the dinner table or coffee table.

Fall bouquet for Thanksgiving table



coffee for Thanksgiving

Go to a nice café and ask questions about people-pleaser coffees. Don’t go too dark or too light. Buy a great dessert coffee, a good decaf for that day.

best coffee

coffee basket gift for Thanksgiving


8.Gift for the pets and/or Kids


thanksgiving cookies sweets

Probably, in your family exists pets or babies that will also be present on this day.

Find out what if animals will be around on that day and bring appropriate gifts.  If there are children, bring activities for them or if they’re older, bring a new title for their video game system.


kids playing games



Bread basket for Thanksgiving

Breads for Thanksgiving

It may seem strange, and always thought it wouldn’t be necessary to take, but it is always something that it’s need for thanksgiving dinner.

You can always buy at the bakery of your street, but if you want to highlight, produce your own.

Homemade bread for Thanksgiving 

Bread for Thanksgiving



pumpkin ice cream dessert for Thanksgiving

After a nice thanksgiving dinner, nothing better than a good dessert. The obvious choice here is pumpkin pie, a pumpkin ice cream and don’t´forget, bottle of brandy.

Piece of Pumpkin Pie

Apart from these, be creative and present news desserts for thanksgiving dinner.


Written by Carina Sá

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