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TOP 100 Interior Designers by Boca do Lobo & Coveted Magazine – Part 4

After revealing the PART I, PART II and PART III of Top 100 Interior Designers, Home and Decoration announces today the rest of the names that are part of this pioneering supplement made in partnership with Coveted Magazine. Take a look!

76 – Maurizio Pellizzoni

TOP 100 Interior Designers 

Since founding his consultancy Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd, in 2007, he has applied his Italian appreciation of style and design to a range of residential and commercial projects. Maurizio has fostered relationships with the most highly skilled builders, architects, and specialists in the field. He spent more than a decade as part of the creative team at Ralph Lauren Home.

77 – Oliver Burns

TOP 100 Interior Designers 

Oliver Burn is an architectural interior design that thoughtfully designs and builds the world’s finest homes. From prestigious super-prime developments to luxurious residences, creating exceptional properties for discerning private and corporate clients, Oliver Burns has been around for less than a decade. The high-class designers have already captivated audiences worldwide.

78- René Dekker Design

TOP 100 Interior Designers 

René Dekker it’s an internationally acclaimed designer for providing the ultimate luxury brand. His work transcends the ordinary and rewards with opulence and glamour. With a skills base and expertise that cover the spectrum of design, development, and deliverability, they can create spaces that embody pure luxury. His uncompromising art of style has been at the forefront of luxury interior design for years.

79 – Tara Bernerd

TOP 100 Interior Designers 

Tara Bernerd is the founder of the established interior architectural practice, Tara Bernerd & Partners. Working with an executive team of highly experienced architects and designers based out of the London Headquarters in Belgravia the focus for Bernerd is on the relevance of creative direction and interior design.

80 – FG Stijl

TOP 100 Interior Designers

For FG Stijl, designing for people was a seedling idea from which sprung countless three-dimensional experiences. And now, more than a decade later, it is the expression of their interior design projects. The growth of FG Stijl as a full-service interior design raised as an agency commissioned to work on major hotel brands such as Hyatt, Mandarin Oriental, Sheraton, and Jumeirah.

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81 – Viterbo Interior Design

TOP 100 Interior Designers

Viterbo Interior Design is an international interior design brand on a mission to Design Extraordinary Spaces for Extraordinary Clients. We are a full-service interior design firm that handles a variety of projects in the residential and hospitality sectors, from personal residences to luxury hotels. Everything from research to planning to execution is handled in-house by a carefully-curated team of Designers and Artisans.

82 – Coco Republic Interior Design

TOP 100 Interior Designers

Coco Republic Interior Design is specialized in the design and decoration of quality environments for private residences, hotels, hospitality and development projects in Australia and New Zealand. Operating from its Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth studios, Coco Republic Interior Design has evolved to become a trusted and respected interior design company offering clients a fully-integrated service.

83 – Massimo Speroni

TOP 100 Interior Designers

Massimo Speroni has an elegant approach to design that lies in his artful orchestration of scale and texture. His projects are tightly edited and typically shy from predictability for something more exotic. Massimo layers whimsy and tradition in his comfortable and bespoke interiors. He has an eye for sophisticated symmetry, combining an order with bursts of color and optimism.

84 – Maria Gallo

TOP 100 Interior Designers

Maria Gallo has the certification of architecture and interior design by IADE. For more than 20 years Marisa has searched for something different and passionate. She has created a unique style that shows elegance timeless design. With a fantastic team, Marisa does every kind of projects of interior design. The team is specialized in the creation of spaces of residences y commercial areas in Spain and in Latin America.

85 – Pepe Leal

TOP 100 Interior Designers

The interior designer Pepe Leal has entered into the decoration and interior design world when he was studying fashion. It was then that he has discovered his passion. In love with materials and finishes, Pepe Leal has a unique and casual style because he is an art lover.

86- Alberto Pinto

TOP 100 Interior Designers

Alberto Pinto, under the direction of Linda Pinto and a strong team of 80 employees, perpetuates rigorously what made the success of the master. Eclecticism, luxury details, refinement is always the key words when it comes to creating universes for its prestigious customers around the world: private residences, office buildings, airports, hotels, yachts and private jets.

87 – Bruno Borrione

TOP 100 Interior Designers

Bruno Borrione was born in Palaiseau, France, in 1961, graduated from the Ecole Boulle (1978-1984). He then worked for a year with Nemo (design agency run by François Scali and Alain Domingo) and took courses at UP6. In 1985 he joined the team of Philippe Starck and participated in various projects in Japan (Nani Nani, Asahi) or the United States for Ian Schrager

88 – Didier Gomez

top 100 interior designers

Didier Gomez began his career as an opera singer before branching out into the world of interior and product design in 1985 with his association and with the architect JJ Ory. His expertise is highly acclaimed. Winner of numerous design awards, he has designed boutiques, large stores, restaurants, apartments, houses and head offices all over the world.

89 – Joseph Dirand

top 100 interior designers

Joseph Dirand has built a career on incorporating a quintessentially French style of design into otherwise minimalist interiors. He emphasizes strong lines, classic elements, lighting, rich materials, particularly marble, and the telling detail that brings an interior to life. Amongst his main projects are shop interiors for Alexander Wang, home, hotel and restaurants interiors in Paris, New York, Beirut.

90 – Pierre-Yves Rochon

top 100 interior designers

Pierre–Yves Rochon to create interior design solutions for luxury hospitality environments, the firm aims to enhance each aspect of the guest experience.
The firm’s design achievements have consistently delivered award-winning results for many of the world’s major international hospitality brands, such as Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Ritz-Carlton Hotels & Resorts and InterContinental Hotels.

91 – Robert Stilin

top 100 interior designers

Robert Stilin is known for effortlessly combining crisp, clean architecture with custom upholstery, antique and vintage furniture, and modern and contemporary art to create casually elegant homes that are warm, comfortable and very livable.

Current projects include a duplex penthouse on Fifth Avenue, a modernist beach house in Sagaponack, and a family apartment on Park Avenue.

92 – Steven Gambrel

top 100 interior designers

Founded S.R. Gambrel, Inc. only three years after earning a degree in architecture from the University of Virginia, Steven is recognized for his endless dedication to creating customized interiors and architectural. Whether he is designing a polished uptown duplex, a rambling country house, or a weekend beach retreat, He serves the needs of each client with his passion for timeless and comfortable homes.

93 – Jean-Michel Wilmotte

top 100 interior designers

Wilmotte & Associés is a multi-disciplinary architecture firm given the fact that it takes on an impressive range and scale of projects from large plants, stadiums, service sector programs, high-rise buildings, hospitals, residential properties, wine stores, hotels, theaters, museums, congress centers, and shopping malls to private residences.

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94 – JOI-Design

top 100 interior designers

JOI-Design is motivated by constant developments and improvements inside the company, from the desire to work on individual, tailor-made solutions with experts in material, color, light, design, and architecture. At the same time, though, JOI-Design incorporates developments taking place outside the company. JOI-Design focuses on the constantly changing needs of our society.

95 – Kitzig Interior Design

top 100 interior designers

Kitzig Interior Design, a business enterprise, has been successfully realizing interior design and architecture projects for 18 years. The core competence of Olaf Kitzig and his co-workers’ lies in the area of the Hotel industry/Catering trade as well as in the production of tailor-made concepts design. Kitzig Interior Design offices develop innovative space experiences which unite aesthetic

96 – Arch.Predmet

top 100 interior designers

The vision of Arch.Predmet Interior Design Studio is underpinned by efficient design principles with regard to private and public spaces. The monumental and noble splendor of classicism radiating composed dignity in combination with distinctive and immaculate English style in its modern designers’ interpretation is the basics making up their identity.

97 – Denis Kosutic

top 100 interior designers

Denis Košutic’s work can be seen as an anti-traditional perception of the role of architecture in the modern world.

In his “prêt-à-porter-architecture”, he masterfully translates modern tendencies and trends from fashion and design into the language of everyday life, considering architecture as a subject of consumption instead of a monument for eternity.

98 –Ganna Design

top 100 interior designers

Ganna Design is the studio of Taiwanese designers Shih-Jie Lin and Ting-Liang Chen. Ganna chiefly concerns about the traffic line and the practical function of the space. In addition, materials, colors, furniture are able to be merged into the design but jump up from the simple lines of the structure simultaneously. Ganna tries to create a unique design for every house.

99 – Guilherme Torres Studio

top 100 interior designers

The Studio Guilherme Torres moves from style to style developing architecture and interior projects and also signs a furniture line. At 2010 Studio won its São Paulo HQ in a charming residence in the Jardins. Suspended volumes and elegant lines, with few and striking lines, are the trademark of the architect Torres, who seeks in his projects to investigate the limits of the materials with which he works.

100 – Teresa Sapey Studio

top 100 interior designers

Teresa Sapey Studio is a multidisciplinary architectural and design team based in Madrid since 1990. The curiosity to design energic spaces for different sectors is the main motivation for the studio, who is also involved in ephemeral installations, graphic and product design. The intention of projects that are born from a bunch of emotions and feelings is to provoke a reaction/sensation on the users.

Get to meet the Top 100 Interior Designers  by Boca do Lobo and  Coveted Magazine!

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