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How to turn your House into a Home

Home and Decoration shares with you how to turn your house into a home.

One of the most important things about the place where you live in is that you feel comfortable in it. It’s not easy to turn a house into a home, it requires a lot of time spent on the decoration. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small house if it’s an apartment or just a rent room.

The important is that this space reflects you, your personality and your taste. Your house is your face, is what your guests see of you. So, it becomes very important that you had the interior design style that matches your personality.

In a world that we are completely surrounded by interior designers, it’s easy to forget that the most important isn’t you have an amazing stylish house! We can’t forget that you don’t get a home with luxury furniture and bookshelves arranged by color. You build a home putting the best of you, all your heart and soul in the decorating time.

Home and Decoration decided to share with you the best five tips to turn your house into your real home.

Get your feet cozy on the floor

house into a home

house into a home

house into a home

You certainly think that rugs and carpets are the best way to get a cozy place. A house without these becomes too empty and cold. If you put some carpet on your living room floor it will change immediately the ambiance of it. Prints and colors are a great way to make your home joyful.

The sun inside your house

house into a home

house into a home

You have to agree with me: the lighting is one of the main focus points during the decorating time. To a house become a home is essential that you can close all your windows, turn the lights one and yet feel like it’s a sunny day outside. If your house has a bad lighting, you will feel more tired and it also will hurt your eyes, as you have to make more effort to read. And you have to think that decorating the lighting in your house can be really funny. You can give a totally different ambiance to a space with a different chandelier, maybe one that you found in your grandmother’s house!

The need of Storage

house into a home

house into a home

house into a home

The storage space is one of the most important needs. Sooner or later you’ll have the need to keep your things organize to really feel at home. Cabinet and bookshelves are an easy form of storage all the things you need and it will keep easy to find all the stuff that once you think are lost forever.

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Bring art into your home

house into a home

house into a home

If you need to turn your place into your home, you should know that one of the many things that you can do is add some artwork. Paintings, special souvenirs from special moments, sculptures and decoration objects will make the space more cozy – and most important of all – so much more yours. And there’s nothing better than you feel like you belong to the space where you live in.

Customize it!

house into a home

house into a home

You can buy cheap artwork in many stores, but you’ll always feel like that piece isn’t completely yours, that it doesn’t reflect you. It’s just like asking for an interior designer to decorate your house and don’t give any tips about your taste. It’s important that you spend some time looking for the space where you live and think “What can I do to make this feel more like home?”. I guarantee you that a million of ideas will appear in your head, and when you put your hands to work, you’ll find yourself in a totally different place!

Be inspired by these amazing tips!

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