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Living Room Rugs To Embellish Your Luxurious Living Area!

Luxury Tapestry


Living room rugs is the division we are going to explore, in our journey through the room by room page we recently developed! On this page, you will find inspiration for entryways and hallways rugs, bedrooms and closets, bathrooms, offices, dining rooms, and galleries! Make sure you stay tuned on this design journey.


The living room should be as welcoming to our family when they want to kick back but also as a place for our guests to relax and commute; thus when furnishing a living room, we need to look for beautiful and comfortable, practical, and livable. Every living room should be the unique footprint of the family which inhabits the home.

Should you need any rug that exudes elegance and grace, the HERON rug is a one-of-a-kind rug that does just that. The elegant species present in this rug takes us on a spiritual journey, to find ourselves. Hand-made and created with Botanical Silk.


The KOTTA Rug was borne from the love of animal prints, and the way that you can convey nature from this simple pattern. If you love more nature-friendly interior design, then the KOTTA Rug is a perfect addition.


This round rug is a perfect design for all kinds of ambiances, but within the neutral tones, it really does shine brightest. Inspired by the snow-white piles of the Norwegian capital, the OSLO Rug is part of the Shaggy collection and creates a cozy and comfortable ambiance.


The geometric collection features the BAUHAU Rug, a rug that was born out of our love for the German avant-garde movement of the same name. This geometric rug goes amazingly well in most ambiances, but you really see it shine in this eclectic love letter.


Created with a basis on the relationship between bugs and spirituality, this perfect rug is meant to unify harmony and kinship. Your interior designs are guaranteed to be astonishing and also to feature a part of mother earth.


Óscar is meant to be the Masculine representation of classical Ancient Greece. With a focus on the cubist movement, this half-hybrid figure creates a sense of how the person can be perceived.


Terrazzo is an Italian flooring composite, a current major trend in the fashion and interior design business in Italy. It’s bespoke and unreplicable look is one-of-a-kind and brings the feeling and look of Italy to your interior designs or even your homes.


The PRISMA II Rug takes inspiration from the conception of geometric forms, with a modern appearance by the neutral tones within itself. This geometric rug creates its own rhythm and balance, leading the ambiance forward.


The COLL Rug is inspired by the most basic and primitive forms of illustration, known as MARIMEKKO. This simplicity stands out for its strong patterns and great color coordination. The COLL Rug, with a minimalistic style inspired by this form of illustration, creates an ambiance unlike any other.

The VASE rug is one of the most classic rugs that our collection holds. These simple colors and designs go together to create a one-of-a-kind design piece that also holds its own as an art piece.



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